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Kripto Future

Kripto Future is a community based on blockchain technology. It has a set of business units that generate an ecosystem, making its affiliates profitable directly and allowing the company to obtain more resources for financial sustainability in the future.

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Cold Wallet

The cold wallet (Cold Wallet) is a blockchain technology system where the security system is called EAL7.

This cold wallet will be available to our kripto future community, where you can save their digital cryptocurrencies safely and anonymously.

The system was developed after the problem of many countries where local governments will be obliged to have access to the amount of crypto of users in all exchanges, in South Korea, for example, 95% of users keep their cryptocurrencies in Exchange that will be monitored by the government. Cold Wallet will have total anonymity and without having KYC (Know Your Client), in addition Cold Wallet is the only wallet that will pay you 2% per month, where the people can withdraw their cryptocurrencies whenever they want.

Cold Wallet
The specific objective of the coin is to be used as a means of payment in different businesses;

It will be launched on exchanges in Europe, China and subsequently on Binance. Kripto Future affiliates will have the opportunity to be the first to buy the Kripto Coin.
The currency will also bring great benefits for our affiliates, such as exemption from withdrawal fees.

Kripto Mining

Some of Kripto Future's capital comes from mining, the company has mining farms in Europe and Asia, where it miners ETH

Kripto Trading

Our group experts traders who have created a robot that operates in high frequency 24/7, our team operates in London, Liverpoll and Dubai.

Kripto trading has a gigantic community of traders around the world, the entire community is eagerly waiting for the coin to be released to buy, generating a demand that will skyrocket in the market.

Kripto ATM

The company has its own cryptocurrency ATM, where several ATMs will be implemented around the world, facilitanting and popularizing the use of cryptocurrencies.

Designed for new members of the community who are getting to know the world of the cryptocurrency market and the exchange with Fiat money.

Application (App)

Our own apps will be available to everyone, where it can be used for IOS and Android.

The Kripto applications will be to access the affiliate'ss back office.

Another applications os to access Cold Wallet, both will be very complete with notifications, alerts, modern design, friendly and easy to access.

Kripto Card

You can easily send your earnings acquired by the Kripto future platform to your card.

All the future affiliates will be able to buy the Kripto future card where you can send and make payments with bitcoin (BTC) daily anywhere in the world.

The system will immediately convert the Bitcoins to the local currency of your country.

Direct instructions

There is an affiliate club where you can invite your friends to make safe investments. The company will give you 6% profit for each one you recommend.


Teamwork and have a binary bonus, which can yield 8% for your small team. To receive this bonus, you only need to earn a reward valid from both sides.


Earn the remaining 15% of the team's daily workload, divided into 10 levels.

Quantum System (QSIAC)

The system brings together the technology and has cognitive artificial intelligence that can operate operations 24 hours a day, and the average percentage of correct answers every year is 97%.

Kripto Academy

Kripto Future's main focus is qualification and trainig.

Kripto Academy is a digital product that will be provided to out affiliates who join an investment package.

We hire the best specialist in the market to fenerate high-level courses and trainings with carious topics, such as: Blockchain Fundamentals, Crypto Taxation, NFT, Mining, High Frequency Operations and many others.

We will also have courses with the best traines on the market, both in the motivational area and in technival matters for our entire community exclusively.

Currently, personalized courses are being developed for the entire community.

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